Dulcimer Accessories

I can supply a range of accessories, hand made hammers, stands, pickups and general spares.

Dulcimer Hammers

The material on the face of the  hammers makes an enormous difference to the sound produced when you strike the strings.

Bare wood for a strident, loud and long ringing sounds.  Great for playing in the open air and in sessions where you can be drowned out by the other instruments.

Leather for a softer, mellow sound.  I use dieerent thicknesses for shades of mellow and softer sounds.  Great for accompanying singing.

“Moleskin” for a bridge between barewood and leather, it slighly softens the sound but does not greatly reduce the volume. Don’t worry, its not real moleskin!

Here are some of the hammers I make.

These normall weigh in at 8-9 grams  and can be double faced with leather, or one side leather and the other wood.

These weigh in at around 7-8 grams and have a single single leather and wood face.

These light weigh hammers weigh in at 5-6 gramms and have a single leather and wood face.

And just for fun I have some of these:

They are not for fast playing but with care you can play a tune or two!

Hammers are £30 a pair and are individually made.  I usually sell these at dulcimer and folk events.

I can also send you some sets for you to try.  You pay a returnable deposit , then return to me the ones you don’t want, you just pay for postage one way and the hammers you keep.  Contact me with your requirements.

Dulcimer Stands

I make scissor stands suitable for sitting and playing. I make them in Yellow Pine, but can make them in any wood you desire, just contact me with your request and I will see what I can do.  Prices start at £110 plus delivery.

They are simple and lightweight, no point having a light dulcimer and a heavy stand.

Seated Hammered Dulcimer stand by Dulcimer Heaven

Seated Hammered Dulcimer stand by Dulcimer Heaven

Hammered Dulcimer stand by Dulcimer Heaven
Hammered Dulcimer stand by Dulcimer Heaven

Dulcimer Pickups

I have tried a few different pickups and these Schatten HD-4 pickups specifically made for Hammered Dulcmers seem the best. I did some “blind comparisons” at a small outside gig recently and we tried a normal condensor microphone verse the Schatten, and the Schatten seemed to give a nicer result and no feedback.

Here are the fitting instructions. They can be retro fitted but it is much less obtrusive if I can fit while making your instrument.

Current list price is £187 plus postage,



I can supply good quality “star” ended tuning hammers, currently £25 for a T style or £35 for a gooseneck hammer. I can also supply replacement strings and Delrin plastic bridge caps. Please contact me with your requirements.