Hammers and stands


The material on the face of the  hammers makes an enormous difference to the sound produced when you strike the strings.

Bare wood for a strident, loud and long ringing sounds.  Great for playing in the open air and in sessions where you can be drowned out by the other instruments.

Leather for a softer, mellow sound.  I use the shiny side for a louder sound and the softer underside for a more mellow and softer sound.  Great for accompanying singing.

Felt for a very soft sound.  Great for practicing when you don’t want to drive everyone mad with the constant repetition of a difficult section.  A real winner with my wife!

Here are some of the hammers I make.

Hammers are £30 a pair. You will see the top pair of hammers have a larger striking area than the others. I prefer the smaller striking area which is more suited to my dulcimers, hence I make more of them.

I sell this set for £100, it includes the red felt hammers that are so soft, they are great for late night tinkling without waking everyone up! A real winner in my household.

I make scissor stands suitable for sitting and playing. I make them in Ash,  Beech or Pine, but can make them in any wood you desire, just contact me with your request and I will see what I can do!   Prices start at £90.

They are simple and lightweight, no point having a light dulcimer and a heavy stand!

Seated Hammered Dulcimer stand by Dulcimer Heaven

Seated Hammered Dulcimer stand by Dulcimer Heaven

Hammered Dulcimer stand by Dulcimer Heaven
Hammered Dulcimer stand by Dulcimer Heaven