Hammered Dulcimers

New design hammered dulcimer.  The standard dulcimer I make is a  16/15, so has a greater range than the usual 12/12 played by many in the UK, but is not much larger and probably lighter than most 12/12’s.

The dulcimer is 42″ (107cm) on its long side so fits in the boot of most small cars. Its is nice and loud and recent customers have remarked on the even tone, lovely depth of the bass and resonance of the top end notes.

The frame is of Ash with Maple pin blocks.  This model has a Sapele faced Mahogony laminated soundboard and Okoume laminated back.  Both of these are FSC Certified, so come from a sustainable source.  I also make one with a Birch plywood soundboard and back to order if you wish.

I laminate the frame components to give the dulcimer better overall stability, so I can reduce the thickness of wood and hence the weight I then add carbon fibre and take some more wood off.  It takes longer to make the instrument but I believe its worth it to have a lighter instrument.  Also, all the components being laminated and strengthened by carbon fibre increases the dimensional stability of the instrument so reduces the amount it moves, hence the amount it goes out of tune. However, as Einstein stated, “the laws of physics remain the same in all places”,  and wood expands and contracts at a different rate to steel, it will go out of tune as the humidity and temperature changes. However this expansion and contraction is reduced due to lamination and strengthening.  The carbon Fibre is not easily visible, you can see some on the front and back rail through the cut out handle if you want to check I really have used it, so does not detract from the beauty of the instrument.

The pin blocks are shaved down to the minimum to reduce weight.

I spend a lot of time removing wood and replacing wood with carbon fibre were possible to reduce the overall weight but without compromising the overall stability of the instrument.

I use handmade wound strings made for me by Newtone Strings of Matlock in Derbyshire for the bottom bass notes, I believe in using the best quality components I can for my Dulcimers.  These are the finest strings I have found and give a beautiful bass response to the instrument.

Please contact me for more information and costs and look at my “For Sale” pages to see the latest models available and costs.

  • Dulcimer Features
  • Instument handmade in the UK.
  • Two carrying handles, makes it much easier to move.
  • Individual strings, if one string breaks you can still carry on playing and replace the broken one at your leisure.
  • Light weight making it easier to move, yet retaining good volume and lovely tone.
  • Having a 16/15 allows you to play many of the arrangements from the USA players as this is considered a standard size by most US players.
  • Good quality purpose made gig bag. This is made with 10mm soft foam and weighs around 1.5kg.