Tam Lin

Tam Lin

The title comes from a spooky old love ballad from the Scottish borders, in which Hallowe’en plays an important part. There are very many versions of it, and associated tunes, of which this is just one.

In the ballad, our heroine, Janet, gets into relationship with Tam Lin, a handsome young knight but bewitched, having fallen into the clutches of the Fairy Queen. [**Spoiler alert**] As it turns out, Janet sets out to rescue him at midnight on Hallowe’en when, amidst much shape-shifting and drama, and to the fury of the Fairy Queen, she does successfully win her true love back from the shadows and restores him to the mortal world.

Here we have an annotated version using Bruce Parry’s method, completed by Denise Rudd.

Clean version with chords

Mountain Dulcimer TAB by Frans Moore, capo on fret 1.

Tam Lin Slow Jam play along tracks, 2 bar intro then 4 times through

Tam Lin Slow Jam 60 BPM

Tam Lin Slow Jam 80 BPM

Tam Lin Slow Jam 100BPM

Source: The Session, chords added.