Nonsuch Zoom Favourites

This is the page for the Nonsuch Zoom sessions run by Hilary. Please contact us through the Nonsuch website if you wish to attend.

Please note: like all folk music there are loads of variations, this is just the version that I have picked up. Please leave any feedback on my contact page. Enjoy, and a big THANK YOU to people who have sent me tunes.

Tunes for Wednesday 22nd June

JudithIfor Thomas (G)
Jan or HilarySuo Gan (D)
FransMazurka Van Antoinette (D)
PhilPrincipetta (Em)
Tony Laura (G)
Pav or CaroleEast Parkside (D)
Hilary or … Wals voor Polle (D)
ChrisMona’s Delight (G) / Getting Upstairs (G)
PhilTrip to Pakistan 
Andy or … Iechyd o Gylch (D)
Pete…tbd …

Tunes for Wednesday 17th June – these are the tunes we planned to play, and some I have remembered we played but not necessarily all the tunes we actually played!

Tunes played on Wednesday 19th June

JudithDaar was een Sneeuwwit Vogeltje
(The Snow-White Bird)
HilaryO Shenandoah (D)
Dorothy Maguire & Patterson (D)
Jan Suo Gan (D)
PeteRogue’s March / Hunt The Squirrel (D**)
William Flop Eared Mule (D) / Turkey in the Straw (D)
Chris and Bob Jenny Lind Polka (D/G) 
PhilNancy Dawson’s Fancy (G)
Lisa or AndyMachynlleth (G)
Chris NashWatson’s Hornpipe (D)
Andy Iechyd o Gylch 
Tont and JanetLaura
StevieFoggy Dew