Dulcimer Music

This page contains links to my music pages. The Southern Dulcimer page and the music library contain sheet music and music files for tunes I have collected or been sent that are generally played on the Hammered Dulcimer and also some TAB for my friends who play the Mountain Dulcimer.

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Useful links to other sites that contain information and music for the Dulcimer. In no particular order. Please send me any suggestions via the comments page,

Nonsuch Dulcimer Club

UK based Mountain and Hammered Dulcimer club. Various events organised throughout the year. A “must join” club!


Alton Steady Sessions

Monthy music session in Alton, Hampshire in the UK. Not dulcimer specific but a great music resource.

Website https://altonsteadysession.wordpress.com/

Really useful PDF with loads of tunes https://altonsteadysession.files.wordpress.com/2019/02/steady-session-complete.pdf

Karen Ashbrook’s home page

A firm favorite among the Nonsuch Dulcimer Club, a great tutor and inspirational performer.

Website https://www.karenashbrook.com/

North Virginia Hammered Dulcimer Players

Fantastic music resource. Shame its so far away!

Website https://sites.google.com/site/nvhdplayers/

Sheet Music section https://sites.google.com/site/nvhdplayers/sheet-music

Rick Thum’s home page

American Hammered Dulcimer player. I just love this man! Look at his “Digital Store” page and his list of tunes you can learn, step by step. At about a tenner each they are worth every penny!


QUADAS Dulcimer Club

Hammered Dulcimer, Mountain Dulcimer and Autoharp club in the USA. Link is to their home page and music page

Mountain Dulcimer TAB

Well over 1,200 Mountain Dulcimer TAB available on this site.


Dulcimer.com music page

Copy of music used at event workshops over the years.