Dulcimer Music Library

Library of Dulcimer tunes. Download the PDF of the sheet music or listen to the sound file as required. There is also some Mountain Dulcimer TAB which is marked as TAB and links to Revels Music and Dulcimertab.net.

This library contains the music collected by me at various dulcimer meeting or kindly send to me to add to the library. I have transcribed the music into “Musescore” to get a nice clean copy of the “dots” and a music file so we can hear what the tune sounds like.

Please note: like all folk music there are loads of variations, this is just the version that I have picked up. Please leave any feedback on my contact page. Enjoy, and a big THANK YOU to people who have sent me ideas!

Click here for the specific Northern Nonsuch Zoom Favorites page

Click here for the specific Nonsuch Zoom Favorites page

  • Link to list of new tunes added since April in cronological order.

Main Library – click on the name to go to the page with the sheet music and sound file.