Let there be light

Having spend years of fumbling in the dark at gigs and sessions trying to play my Hammered Dulcimer a friend suggested I get a music stand light. I had been put off the idea in the past as they all seemed to be mains powered and would add so much faff to the whole thing.

Well, welcome to the 21st Century, LED lights and lithium rechargable batteries! I just so happened I make my stands in such a way there is a very convenient point to attach the large grip on the bottom of the light.

LNSTUDIO Rechargeable light
Back of the stand gives a good attachment point
Clip on to back of stand
Ready to go!

I had a good look and found the “LNSTUDIO Rechargeable 18 LED Clip On Music Stand Light” for just over twenty quid at Amazon. It clips onto the stand perfectly and has two light levels. It last a couple of hours or more, I just click it off when I am not playing and I have yet to run out of light at a gig or a session.

I also have a battery bank for my phone, and if I am worried about running out I could always run it from that.


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