Web site update

The music section had grown like topsy, and like all things unplanned it started to become difficult to maintain and add to. Also I think new tunes got lost in the growing list of tunes. I had no idea it would grow like this and had really not thought about how it would “scale up”. As an ex IT man, in my dim and distant past, I would have been berating my team for not thinking it through, but hey, I am just happy people like to use it.

So, after a long think and a rainy weekend I have revamped the music library and given each tune its own page. That way I have just have one place to alter and add to for each tune and I can create links from anywhere to it. All you need to do is “click” on the name of the tune and, hey presto! The tune page appears with the sheet music to download and a sound file. Later on we can always add information about the tune and links to other places if we so desire.

We can have multiple lists all looking at the same tune. You will see we have some new lists:

  • New tunes added recently (since August to begin with)
  • Tunes for the next Southern meeting
  • Tunes that go together

Hopefully you will all like it, plus it will make life easier for me.

Keep the tunes coming!


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