Fitting a pickup – Big Twin from K&K Sound

I wanted to do away with using a microphone whenever I needed amplification.  Lugging a mic and stand about is a pain and setting it up so it doesn’t droop at the wrong moment is an art I have yet to acquire.

So I went for a K&K Sound Big Double, from the reviews and what I could find from dulcimer chat sites it seems to right thing to use.

The distance between the pickups and the jack socket is 12 inches (30cm) and having measured where I wanted to put the socket, it all seemed to fit.  The plan was to have the jack socket available through the handle hole, one pickup by the top rail and one by the bottom rail.

So I fitted the first pickup as per the instruction using the adhesive tape provided.


Then the fiddly job of poking the other pickup through the slot between the frame and the soundboard.

I used a ruler to encourage the cable to lay flat and allow the pickup to come through.

After a fair bit of coaxing the pickup came trough so I could remove the adhesive backing and put in place on the soundboard (Note it upside down in the above picture)

Hopefully you can make out the pickup stuck to the soundboard.

Then all that was left was to screw down the socket where I could easily get to it with a 90 degree jack plug.  I tried doing it just using the adhesive supplied but it was not firm enough, so had to resort to screwing it.  Luckily my soundboard is 9mm plywood but even when using 12mm screws and a washer to pack it out a bit it was nerve racking

So what does it sound like?  Very good!

Would I retro fit again, yes, but I will fit one while I am building the dulcimer next time!


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